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Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions of We Connect Sports Online
The following general terms and conditions define the conditions that apply to the use of the services offered by We Connect Sports Online, Kronprinsessegade 46E, DK-1306 Copenhagen K, CVR no. 38494953 (here after called ”WCSO”). 
Only these general terms and conditions are valid.
Possible terms and conditions from the side of the member will not apply.
1. Description of services
a. WCSO offers an online service that permits contacts to other members. The member gets access to the WCSO database containing the profiles and details of other members. The WCSO database will be available at various domains, including, but also the websites of possible business  partners integrating the WCSO service.
b. Any member can subscribe for a membership.
That means registration and creation of a profile.
The contractual relationship is established when the member, by means of a click, confirms the membership to be paid for and the payment obligations, of which information has been given in relation to the creation.
c. WCSO is entitled to let one or more third parties deliver parts of or the entire service. This must not cause any inconvenience to the members.
d. The purpose of WCSO is to establish contact between the members.
e. WCSO does not guarantee a successful contact and is consequently not responsible if a member does not get any contact with other members during the duration of the membership. 
f. WCSO guarantees the availability of the service 99.7% of the calendar year. This does not include errors beyond the area of responsibility of WCSO, such as necessary service, force majeure or technical problems on the internet.
g. In order to profit from the WCSO services the member should use an actual web browser and activate the necessary functions of his or her computer (e.g. JavaScript and cookies). 
h. The use of older or unusual web browsers may imply that the member can only use the WCSO services to a limited extent.

2. Access / signing of a contract
a. The access to the WCSO services is conditioned by the member being registered as a member. When registering the member shall give a valid e-mail address and a self-selected password.
b. When registering, contractual terms between WCSO and the registered member are set according to the actual, general terms and conditions. 
c. After registration the members will receive a message by e-mail confirming the signing of the agreement of membership. 
d. Along with the confirmation mail the member will receive information of the contract (information about the membership) and the general terms and conditions valid at the time, and the member can print/save this information. The details of the contract will also be saved by WCS. 

3. Use, transmission and passing on of data 
a. WCSO always complies with current legislation as to handling of personal data.
b. Information concerning WCSO's handling of personal data can be found in "Data protection".

4. Withdrawal, automatic extension and cancellation
a. The member can at any time cancel the membership (delete the profile). This is done under "My account" -> ”Membership" by clicking "Deletion of profile".
b. WCSO is entitled to cancel the membership in case of a particular reason.
A particular reason may e.g. be a situation, where the member: 
a. at registration/ordering or in connection with later changes has deliberately given incorrect information, 
b. repeatedly violated the general terms and conditions, and WCSO has several times, without any reaction, asked the member to respect the regulations (warning), 
c. is or has been sentenced for the use of doping, including a quarantine for the use of doping, 
d. is or has been sentenced for the use of match fixing, including quarantine for use of match fixing,
e. is or has been sentenced of paedophilia. 

5.  Responsibilities of WCS
a. WCSO is only responsible for (1) damages caused deliberately or with severe negligence by WCSO or sub-suppliers (2) deceases, physical or psychological damages caused by dereliction of duty by WCSO or sub-suppliers, (3) damages that have occurred due to negligence of WCSO's obligations, if the fulfilment of such obligations are crucial to the accomplishment of the agreement. 
b. WCSO takes over an unlimited responsibility in article 6a, paragraphs (1) and (2). Beyond that, damages are restricted to predictable, damages typical as per the agreement.
c. In all other cases (apart from the ones described in paragraph 6.a), WCSO disclaims any responsibility, irrespective of the legal basis.
d. The mentioned limiting liabilities apply to all bodies of WCS, its employees and sub-suppliers.
e. Regulations of the consumer protection act are not affected by the said regulations of liability.

6. Customer's responsibility and obligations / prohibited behaviour / releasing
a. The member is solely responsible for his or her personal registration and the personal information given.
b. The member assures that the information given is true. The parties of the agreement agree that WCSO has the right to check the information of the member if necessary.
c. The member assures that he or she will not in any way use the membership for commercial purposes (read more in article h).
d. The member assures that he or she respects the Act on copyright and does not use pictures, texts etc., that are protected by copyright without having the necessary rights.    
e. The member engages to respect WCSO's rules and all relevant legislation.
f. The member must under no circumstances (i.e. forbidden behaviour):
i. deliberately pass on information of others as being his or her own. 
ii. put other people's personal data such as name, telephone and fax number, e-mail address, address, pictures/video and/or URLs to the disposal of third party without the consent of the owner.   
iii. distribute violating, insulting or other illegal material or information
iv. harass or threaten others or violate the rights of third party 
v. upload pictures that contain virus (infected software)
vi. use the service in a way that negatively affects the accessibility of other members
vii. get unauthorized access to other people's e-mail or messages or try to do so 
viii. make adverts for other online portals
ix. forward chain letters 
x. mention name, address, telephone or fax number, e-mail address or other contact data (i.e. Skype”, ”MSN Messenger” etc.) in the personal description/profile. 
xi. pass on login information and personal passwords to third party.
g. Illegal commercial use of WCSO is in these general terms and conditions to be understood as follows:
i. To offer goods or services against payment, encourage others to give similar offers or refer to similar offers elsewhere.
ii. To market commercial websites, i.e. sites offering goods or services against payment, or sites presenting or advertising companies or other commercial websites. This applies in particular to pop-up or banner adverts or particularly eye-catching, characteristic links.
iii. To link (direct or indirect) to other people's online portals.
iv. To use this portal for adverts or refer to payable SMS or telephone services.
v. To search for employees, models etc. for agencies or other commercial companies.
vi. To collect available profile data of other members or ask for profile data (e.g. telephone number) from other members with the purpose of using these for adverts, sales or other commercial activity.
vii. To spread adverts in any form among the members of the service or to send messages with a commercial content to other members. This also includes positioning or mentioning similar links in the profile data or in messages sent by means of the internal communication systems.
h. If the member violates these rules, WCSO may claim compensation for possible damages or costs in accordance with current law. However, this does not apply if the member cannot be held liable for the violation.  Furthermore, WCSO is not liable for actions, damages, losses or claims caused by a member's breach of the general terms and conditions, e.g. defamation, violation of intellectual property law or other rights of third party or drop-out of the service.

7. Blocking on suspicion
a. In case of complaints from third party, suspicion of violation of the law, the general terms and conditions or the general instructions, WCSO reserves the right to block the parts of the member's content that underlie such suspicion. The right of termination for a special reason (cf. art. 5 g) is not affected by this.
b. When appropriate and possible for WCSO first to give a notice, the member will, upon receipt of such warning, have the possibility to explain and possibly solve the problem. If it is not appropriate or possible to warn the member beforehand, for instance because a blocking is necessary in order to avoid possible damage for WCSO or other members, the member in question will be informed immediately after the blocking and will then have the possibility to explain and solve the problem.
c. WCSO can, however, at any time delete an account or establish a blocking, if so requested by court or public authorities or if the membership has ended. This is also the case, if a cancellation or blocking is necessary in order to avoid any damages for WCSO or other members.

8. Amendments of the general terms and conditions
WCSO reserves the right to amend the general terms and conditions at any time. If so, all registered members will be informed. The amendments will be considered accepted, if the member does not oppose within two months. If the member opposes an amendment, WCSO has the right to cancel the agreement according to the rules of termination comprised by the general terms and conditions.

9. Concluding terms.    
a. Danish law applies. United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) does not apply.
b. No oral or written additional terms will be made.
c. If one or more terms of this agreement is/are found to be completely or partly illegal, the remaining part of the agreement will still be valid.
d. Disputes between a  member and WCSO that might arise on the basis of this agreement should be settled in the jurisdiction of the venue of WCS, unless preceptive venue statutes state differently. 

Information about the right of revocation
When registering at WCSO the member has the right to revoke the registration within a period of 14 days. The  member is not under an obligation to give reasons for the revocation.
The right of revocation does no longer apply if both parties (on the explicit request by the member) have started to use the service in accordance with the agreement prior to the expiry of the deadline for revocation. This means as soon as the member starts using the services of WCSO.
In order to cancel the membership, the member shall inform WCSO in writing (for instance by letter or e-mail). The deadline starts when the member has received these instructions in writing; however, not prior to the conclusion of the agreement.
The right of revocation is valid, if the request as to cancellation is sent in due time.
A request of revocation should be sent to:
We Connect Sports Online
Kronprinsessegade 46E, DK-1306 Copenhagen K