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Personal information

Nationality: Latvia
Languages: English, Russian
Location: Latvia, Riga


Fan Apps build mobile applications for sports clubs, teams, leagues, and event venues.

Automatically generated CRM from the FB and FireBase data channels.

User-friendly web dashboards CMS as a simple tool on how to place information.

Increasing the fan engagement and giving new opportunities for sponsors present themselves in the modern digital environment for a very reasonable price.


Sports / professions

10-05-20 14:04
????An Online #SportHack2020 in Latvia.

???? The first Online hackathon in #Latvia dedicated to the challenges in the sports industry will be held from May 21 to 23, 2020.

Invited ????: students, athletes, paralympians, coaches, sports fans, medics, designers, programmers, and business specialists to participate.

Also #mentors from various fields - business, tech, marketing, sports, etc. will help the teams develop solutions that use big data or improve the sports experience, equipment, and infrastructure.

?How? SportHack2020 Latvija hackathon aims to help create new and innovative ideas related to the sports industry within ?48h, assess the business potential of the idea, and create interdisciplinary teams working on those ideas.

???? The winners will also receive funding and mentoring support to develop the idea further on into a profitable business.

????Registration is open until May 18

#sports #idea #SportHack #Latvia #Latvija
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