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Personal information

Birthday: 08-11-1994
Gender: Male
Nationality: Brazil
Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese
Civil status: Single
Location: Brazil


Hi Gustavo.

Sports / professions

Gustavo Henrique
30-10-17 13:37
Good evening, my friend, I'm leaving my professional material cv and link playing professional football, I need an opportunity and I'm at the disposal thank you very much.
as shown in the following annex
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ÖNOVA international (Denmark) Thank you for posting your video.
Please send your CV via e-mail to us at
30-10-2017 14:04
Gustavo Henrique I already sent my cv and link in your email too.
05-11-2017 19:35
Paulo Rogério Veiga Paulo Rogério Veiga, 50, reporter, journalist and owner of the sports portal I am informed that 35 years ago I received material from FIFA, in addition to Conmebol and UEFA. I have contact with agents, international agencies, academies, intermediaries, scoutings, among others in Brazil and in world football, including with signed contract. Contact. E-mail: / +55 (092) 99171-9226 (live / watsapp)

05-12-2017 06:43
Michael Rasmussen
Hello Gustavo.

Thank you for posting your video on our site.
I hope you have come along with your career.
Otherwise, we would like to see you more on the site. You are extremely good.

23-03-2018 16:49