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Personal information

Birthday: 01-04-1970
Gender: Female
Nationality: Denmark
Civil status: In a relationship
Location: Denmark, Zealand, Stevns Kommune


Sports / professions

Pia Langhoff
28-09-19 16:56
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Pia Langhoff
11-08-18 18:43
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Keepexpert Academy
24-07-18 17:36
Keepexpert and MalagaKeepers CF organises a summer training camp for young goalkeepers aged from 7 to 20 years old. Don't forget the dates from 27 till 31 August in Belgium, Messancy. If you want to participate, visit our official website.
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Pia Langhoff
14-06-18 21:56
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Martin Mladenovski
11-06-18 13:17
2017 highlights
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Martin Mladenovski Thanks!!
15-06-2018 14:04