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AbdulRauf Mohammed
20-10-17 00:52
I play point guard with excellent and quick Ball handles, great team leader offensively and defensively with wonderful court vision,
I played in Eddie's basketball academy, presently training with the dynamic basketball team in barnawa Kaduna, Available and in game shape.

Position: Point guard/ note: Can shoot very well from every angle so can also play pos:2

Country: Nigeria
Age: 22

Resume :

Video link

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Paulo Rogério Veiga Paulo Rogério Veiga, 50, reporter, journalist and owner of the sports portal I am informed that 35 years ago I received material from FIFA, in addition to Conmebol and UEFA. I have contact with agents, international agencies, academies, intermediaries, scoutings, among others in Brazil and in world football, including with signed contract. Contact. E-mail: / +55 (092) 99171-9226 (live / watsapp)

05-12-2017 06:47
Michael Rasmussen
Hi Abdul.

When do you put a new video on the site: o)) You are so good !!

I wish you all the best for your career.

23-03-2018 16:41