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We Connect Sports Online is a FREE of cost web portal and a social network...
- We Connect Sports Online is a global, successful multisport online platform for all sports enthusiasts.
As the currently only one in the world, we offer a platform, where all kinds of sports all over the world are brought together.
Designed to connect, match and promote our members across borders, age and gender.
In cooperation with our many members we create the frames of a global marketplace for easy communication and negotiation direct with one another.

We speed up your career
- our ambition is to create a global career network for the members looking for new opportunities and challenges.
We Connect Sports Online is where a membership can really make things move and boost the career.
It will surely give you many more possibilities in the sports world.
The idea behind We Connect Sports Online
- originates from our long-time experience within the world of sports and a strong wish to bring sport enthusiasts closer together by making use of the digital online possibilities.
We Connect Sports Online ensures a well organized business working professionally on a global level.
The purpose of the website is that everybody on the market place helps each other with networking and creating new connections.

We are a strong and committed team
- behind the daily operation and development.
We are all rooted in the world of sports and dedicated to giving our members the optimum service.
We do this by constant self-development and by offering unique, specialized services.
Values and basic principles
Our work is based on the following core values:
Global vision